5 Tips For Online Horse Betting

5 Tips For Online Horse Betting

Horse betting has long been a popular activity for punters thanks, in part, to the unpredictability of the sport. With online horse betting becoming a reality, the interest has only grown.

New and experienced punters have unparalleled access to feel part of the action and try their luck for a big win. To help you on your way, here are 5 useful tips.

1. Research Jockeys, Horses & Circuits

No matter if the punter is new to this sport or experienced, nothing beats good research. Before placing a wager online, it makes sense to watch previous races to understand past results and spot participants with a bad overall record.

It also makes sense to stick to one circuit of racetracks as this will serve to quickly get used to the participants. Very often, when one track closes, participants move to another one within the same circuit.

2. Be Patient

During an event, it’s normal to have multiple races, and beginner bettors might easily be tempted to bet on each race. Instead, the bettor should focus on the races and participants who have been researched and are well known.

However, as many seasoned bettors would agree, there’s nothing wrong with placing an action bet once in a while. The important thing is not to get carried away with such bets, as they can quickly erode the bankroll.

3. Play With a Decent Bankroll

Beginner punters have a tendency to underestimate what a decent bankroll is. Most online horse betting sites have minimum bets of at least £1, although this figure may vary considerably.

Playing with a small bankroll, such as of £20 will almost guarantee a loss. Statistically speaking, a win in this sport is expected a third of the time, but this is based on infinite bets. In reality, it means that a punter would have to lose 5 or 6 races before bagging a win. Experienced punters ensure that they have at least 40x the minimum bet value.

4. Avoid Bet To Show

Many beginner bettors might be tempted to bet to show. This bet gives out a payout as long as the horse finishes in the top 3 places, so it looks like an almost sure thing.

What an inexperienced player might not realize is, that the payouts for such bets are normally very low and don’t even cover the original bet. This is why most experienced bettors avoid this bet altogether.

5. Do What Feels Right

No horserace punter, whether a beginner or experienced one, will ever know the result of a race with certainty. Experienced punters who’ve done their research and are used to the jockeys and horses may have an edge over newer punters, but experience can be gained over time.

At the end of the day, the punter needs to make an educated guess on the results and go with it. This is why horse betting is a fun activity and not an investment opportunity. There are no guaranteed returns, however, by doing what feels right, the punter can ensure having a great time and a good opportunity to take home a win.

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