Ascot Racecourse

Ascot-RacecourseAscot Racecourse is arguably the most famous Racecourse in Britain as it is closely linked to the British Monarchy. Ascot Racecourse was established near the small village of Ascot by Queen Anne in 1711 on the royal estate of Windsor as she was passionate about equestrian sport including horse racing. Up until 1945 the annual 4 day Royal Meeting was the only time that racing took place at the racecourse but after the end of the 2nd World War, many more races were added to the annual program including steeplechases and hurdles racing.

Whilst the racecourse is run by the Ascot Authority, Ascot estate is still the property of the monarchy and the annual Royal Ascot meeting that lasts 5 days every month of June is an important date on the social calendar of the wealthy members of society in Britain and Europe. During the Royal Ascot event about 300,000 visitors attend the lavish festivities and people flock to watch the tradition of the Prince of Wales arriving in an open horse drawn carriage every morning to attend with a fabulous Royal procession of horses turning the event into a glittering pageant. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth attends with many more members of the royal family in attendance making the event the most closely watched horse racing meeting in Europe.

Ascot Racecourse hosts 26 days of flat racing annually with jump racing taking place during the winter months. Of the 32 annual Group 1 races scheduled in Britain, 9 are hosted at the Ascot Racecourse. The month of July sees the King George VI Race and the Queen Elizabeth Stakes take place with a huge number of visitors coming for the fabulous day out at one of the most beautiful racecourses in the country. The Grandstands are all newly renovated and the hospitality is top quality providing Corporate Entertainment, Private Boxes and wonderful facilities for all the family.