August VIP Club Mega Bonus Feast at PokerStars

Pokerstars turned the month of August into a mega bonus feast for its VIP Club customers and new players with a delicious variety of mouthwatering offers.

More games and tournaments are hosted by PokerStars than any other poker site in the world and you get to download their software for free when you join as well as receiving an instant sign up bonus of up to €600. The PokerStars VIP Club offers a top quality online reward program for poker players as a way of thanking loyal customers for playing exclusively in their poker room.

BronzeStar status after 1 hand

As soon as you play your first real money game of poker you become a BronzeStar VIP and you have the chance to earn more VIP player points the more frequently you play. Plenty of activity at the tables is rewarded by plenty of VPPs. The Star reward system is structured in such a way that there are 4 monthly VIP levels that you can aim for, beginning with BronzeStar, graduating to SilverStar, Gold Star and finally PlatinumStar. Each star level has its own particular reward system which becomes more lucrative the higher up you climb and the better your monthly VIP status.

For players who play a lot, the Star system ends when a player become Supernova Elite but the benefits will continue with milestone bonuses. Becoming a SNE is tough but when finally there, players can look forward to reap the rewards big time.

This happened in August at PokerStars

Normally, VIP Club customers must earn 750 VPPs to graduate from BronzeStar to the superior monthly VIP Club level of SilverStar but during the whole of the month of August the only needed to earn 75 points to achieve SilverStar status and was allowed to stay at that level enjoying all the accompanying benefits until the end of September. To achieve the GoldStar level only 300 VPPs had to be earned instead of 3000 and for PlatinumStar level just 750 VPPs instead of the regular requirement of 7500.

10 times faster point accumulation

The accumulation of VPPs was 10 times faster this August and players earned redeemable frequent player points or FPPs, at a much faster rate too. Players can always spend these at the fantastic online shop, redeem them for cash or use them to qualify for seats in lucrative online poker tournaments hosted by PokerStars.

Go now and check out the October offer since the Mega Month is already a lost oppurtunity.

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October 3, 2011 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.