Join the Heated Action at Betsafe Poker Black

Betsafe Poker Black is a scintillating poker room where the action is heated, passionate and potentially very rewarding depending on your poker skills and dedication to the grind. Registered customers in the venue are offered a broad selection of scheduled tournaments listed under the tournament tab and plenty more tourneys under the poker promotions tab. More than $3 million are guaranteed by the poker room every month across the tournaments scheduled in the venue and the different kinds of tournaments included in the promotions changes all the time keeping them interesting for the players. Nobody gets bored at Betsafe Poker Black and there is so much activity in the card room all day long that players rarely need to wait for a ring game or Sit & Go tournament to begin.

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When a scheduled tournament is guaranteed by the card room, it goes ahead without delay and every player enjoys the same opportunity of winning a share of the prize pool. To hone your poker skills and improve your winning chances, spend some time in the Betsafe Poker school on the website. It’s completely free and you can read up on poker strategy and get plenty of useful tips for winning your games and tournaments at Betsafe Poker Black.

Amazing Poker Challenges at Betsafe Poker Black

Discover the fun of participating in a variety of interesting poker challenges and collect cash prizes guaranteed by Betsafe Poker Black for those promotional events. Players who finish up in the top positions on the dedicated tournament leader boards get credited with great cash prizes booting their bankrolls. No matter what kind of poker you enjoy, be it Sit & Go tournaments or just simply cash ring games, you will find promotions to suit you at any time of the week at Betsafe Poker Black.

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Remember to ‘opt in’ for the fabulous promos when you decide to take part so that all your loyalty points count towards the chosen race propelling you up through the leader board at a fast rate. Loyalty points are awarded for all real money poker play at Betsafe Poker  with the number of points based on the amount of money contributed to the pot as rake in all cash ring games and as buy in fees for tournaments. Rake is taken from all players in order to cover the cost of running the online cardroom at Betsafe Poker where the entertainment is excellent and the service to the customer is outstanding.

Pile On the Loyalty Points

The VIP program ‘Black Gold’ is designed for players to collect Loyalty points and to get rake back monthly depending on the amount of activity that a customer put in at the tables. The number of Loyalty Points accumulated every month decides the players VIP status level in the Black Gold VIP program. The more real money poker games and tournaments that you play, the higher your status at Betsafe Poker Black and the bigger your bank roll boost.

Betfred Offering Freeroll Tourneys And Freebet Prizes

When you register a new account with Betfred Poker using our link below you are welcomed with a fantastic welcome bonus of up to $400 matching the amount that you deposit for the first time in your new account and you are given the possibility of claiming a whole range of extra ‘specials’ and offers that increase the added value that you find at Betfred Poker enormously.betfred-poker

There are very valuable offers created by this industry leading poker room which are extremely exciting and highly innovative such as the Freebet freerolls that are scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday in the card room but give the players £150 worth of sports bets as their prizepool meaning that they can go on to win a huge stash of cash on the incredibly exciting markets covered on the Betfred Sports betting page! To be able to enter these exciting freerolls you just need to have earned at least 60 career points in a month from playing in real money games and tourneys at Betfred Poker and achieved ‘Local Pub’ position in your Betfred Career Path which is the unique reward system in place at Betfred Poker.

Place Your Free Bets Where You Want

The points that you earn for playing are very generous with 20 Career Points given for each $1 of buy in fee for a tournament, so you will have no difficulty whatsoever in earning the points needed to participate in the Freebet Freerolls twice a week and giving yourself the great opportunity to bet for free on your favorite sports or TV game shows depending on your personal tastes. Register a new account today with Betfred Poker through our link below and enjoy playing with the generous sign up bonus at the tables.

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Plenty of Interesting Blogs and Info at Ladbrokes Poker

Ladbrokes Poker room has wealth of information, articles and news related to poker and poker events taking place online and Live at various locations around the world. ‘Poker World’ is just one of the great sources of articles that you can access at Ladbrokes poker where a huge range of extremely interesting and informative themes are written about in newer logo

You are able to read up about the poker school, blogs from Amy Trodd and Ruddock and find out about how to manage your bank roll to your best advantage. The articles are numerous and cover all aspects of poker giving you an excellent insight and an advantage over players who don’t take the tips and strategies offered by the pros for free at all seriously.

Learn to Play From Scratch

The Ladbrokes Poker School gives potential players a thorough set of poker lessons for beginners through to more advanced players. There is always plenty to learn when you are playing poker making it a challenging hobby for the casual player and a thrilling career for the pros. At Ladbrokes poker you will find cash ring games running around the clock at all stakes and levels and tournaments of all types scheduled throughout the day and night to suit the world time zones and the tastes of the community registered at Ladbrokes poker.

Whatever you choose to play at Ladbrokes Poker earns you poker points as long as it is involves real money games and tournaments. The points can be spent at the Poker shop online where there is a superb choice of products on offer. Register a new account today using our link below and the bonuscode RIDERS to get your welcome bonus of up to €1,000.

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Appreciate the Excellent Free PokerStars Poker School

PokerStars has the most incredible PokerSchool Online available for absolutely free to all its customers and even before registering your account you can go through it and see exactly how comprehensive it is, giving you a million reasons to want to sign up to PokerStars immediately. The Poker school is no ordinary set of online tutorials looking to teach you the basic Texas Hold’em strategy but a truly sophisticated school with multiple learning opportunities that are aimed at even the most advanced players!

Poker is a game that has infinite learning possibilities and it is the wisest players who are constantly seeking to enhance their skills and improve their standing in the poker community. The earning potential at PokerStars is massive with tournaments beginning every second of the day offering guaranteed prizepools a lot of the time and multiple daily satellite tournaments that cost as little as 1 cent to enter, permitting you to work your way up to a free seat in a very high profile tournament.

Learn Your Way to the Top

Every year thousands of PokerStars customers win seats through very low cost qualifiers in the card room to live tournament events with all inclusive packages covering accommodation, travel costs as well as the price of the main event buy in. You can be amongst those fortunate players simply by learning all that is being offered to you in the PokerStars School Online and making sure that you apply your knowledge on every possible occasion. Register a new account today at PokerStars using our link below and the bonus code PSP7824 to be sure of getting your welcome bonus of up to $600.

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Fabulous Promotional Opportunities at 888Poker

888 Poker is an exceptionally vibrant poker room with fantastic opportunities offered to its huge community of players who exceed 5 million in number. Established as an online poker room in 1999, it has become an example of excellence in the online gaming domain and has won numerous prestigious awards that set it apart from other card rooms. The 888Poker community is thriving and growing at an incredible rate drawn to participate by the marvelous poker software which was designed especially for 888 and is carefully maintained to keep it at the cutting edge of the industry.

You will be stunned by the huge variety of features that are included in the poker client which assist you when playing giving you the maximum level of entertainment with convenient and smooth software. The graphics are outstanding with crisp clarity, well thought out tables, plenty of useful elements included to customize your table and a whole lot more that has to be seen to be believed. Click on the Poker Software Tab at the bottom of the home page and you can see in detail all the options that are open to players in carefully explained steps to ensure that you are well prepared when you sign up to 888Poker.

Check It All out Before Registering

Potential customers can view these features before signing on to the card room allowing them to make an informed decision and getting them off to a flying start as soon as they begin. There are more than 20 language options for players at 888Poker so choose the one that you are most comfortable with and get playing in relaxed comfort from your own home. Register a new account today with 888Poker using our link below and you can look forward to a welcome bonus of up to $400.

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PokerStars is Now Offering a Fabulous New Mobile Service

Whatever your internet enabled mobile device happens to be you can now download the mobile app for your device from Pokerstars and enjoy a fantastic summer season on the beach or wherever you go for your holidays playing poker in total security. If you have to work or you live in that hemisphere where it’s mid- winter then you have great commutes to work or college ahead of you and loads of fun lined up where normally it is boring and tedious.

In order to download the mobile software you need to register a new account at PokerStars and we simplify the procedure for you by offering a fast link below. Once your new PokerStars account is up and running and you have made your initial deposit you can choose the app which is suited to your phone or iPad and download the software in a matter of a few minutes. It is important to note that you cannot deposit and withdraw from your money account using the mobile app in order to protect you at all times. Go to your PC or MAC to do the finances ensuring that nothing can go wrong and ensuring that you keep a good overview on your bankroll.

Try the Fantastic New Game of Zoom Poker

The brand new poker game of “Zoom” is available on the mobile app and presents itself as the most exciting and fun game ever to hit the poker community. This fast action gaming format lends itself perfectly for mobile play and is sure to become a new craze in the summer heat! Zoom is played with a pool of poker players rather than at fixed tables so you can fold and move on at top speed if your initial hand doesn’t please you. Check out Zoom poker and the mobile app at PokerStars today by registering a new account using our link and you will be sure of receiving a great bonus of up to $600 for new players.

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Check Out Incredible Blaze Poker at Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes has just launched a fantastic new type of Poker game, Blaze Poker which is perfectly suited to those players who lead fast paced lives and want to fit in fast action poker games at the drop of a hat. No matter how limited your playing time is you will always find a few minutes for a hand or two of Blaze because it is so fast as to be like a flash in the pan.

Players are not seated at standard poker tables with fixed opponents but are pooled with other players who opt to play Blaze and rotated randomly around the Blaze tables. You can fold even before playing your hand if you don’t like the cards you were dealt, by clicking on the quick fold tab and you will find yourself seated automatically at a new game with fresh cards being dealt before your feet are under the virtual table!

Focus On Your Game at All Times

The players who have been in the game the longest without posting a blind are assigned the blind and all normal poker rules apply. The exception is that you cannot observe the Blaze tables in action but only your own unique play meaning that you cannot take time to analyze your opponent’s game and make decisions based on that analysis. You need to concentrate on your cards and your own game play at all times, making that essential decision of whether to fold or carry on.

Apart from the fast action and tremendous challenge of Blaze Poker, you will still earn Ladbrokes Poker Loyalty Points at the same rate as you do at standard cash games meaning that your VIP status will be improving as fast as it would in the standard poker games. Register a new account today at Ladbrokes Poker through our link below together with the exclusive bonus code RIDERS to be sure of receiving your welcome bonus of up to $1,000.

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888Poker Boasts a Brand New Look in Stunning 3D

The 888poker room is one of the most exciting card rooms on the internet offering a totally upgraded new look poker lobby in a stunning 3D format and its poker client in 16 main stream European languages. The proprietary 888 software powers the stunning new look poker room, incorporating more than 100 new features added recently to facilitate and improve the level of the poker experience enjoyed by every player registered at 888poker.

There is a superbly innovative range of promotions on offer which are regularly revised, reflecting the pro-active attitude of the 888poker management team which is constantly seeking to thrill its customers with amazing ideas and outstanding prizes. You can now play in a great selection of poker tournaments with very low buy in fees and an unbelievable range of prizes awarded throughout each day. The tournaments are listed under the special tournaments tab in the tournament lobby along with all the prizes that are up for grabs.

Own a Share in A Real Live Racehorse!

You can win one of 20 shares in a real live horse racing syndicate as opposed to a virtual syndicate, worth £3,000 and participate in special syndicate events in 5 star hotels, receive invitations to the owner’s enclosure on race days and enjoy the prestige and excitement of owning a racehorse including 5% of your horses racing winnings! The step one feeder tournament has a buy in fee of just 55cents which is a marvelous promotion if ever there was one! Football fanatics will discover similar offers pertaining to the world of football, so it is definitely worth checking out those special tournaments today! Register a new account with 888poker using our link below and you will be sure to get a 100% match deposit bonus of up to $400 with 25% of the cash paid directly into your account to take to the tables immediately!

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Choose Your Daily Tournament at Bwin Poker

Bwin Poker has created a phenomenal card room that has been molded to the requirements of its customers rather than expecting its customers to adapt to their time schedules. You can select your daily tournament preferences according to the location of your home in whatever country it may be and play at a reasonable time.

Bwin Poker makes it a possibility to play tournament poker with plenty of passion but still get a good night of sleep and carry on with life as normal the following day. You will find a thrilling selection of lucrative tournaments scheduled daily specially scheduled for specific time zones.

Tournaments Specifically for Your Country

If you are living in Russia, Australia, Canada or Brazil, the UK or on the mainland of Europe there are marvelous games lined up at great starting times. It doesn’t mean that you can’t register to play if it happens to be a seemingly unconventional time for your country. Bwin caters for all kind of poker players and of course everybody who wants to participate is welcome no matter the time of day or night.

Look under the Bwin Dailies tab to get an idea of all the action that is set up for Bwin Players world-wide. The tourneys run every day at the same time so you can mark your calendar and make sure that you are ready to play when the action begins. The game variant is No Limit Texas Hold’em which is the most popular poker variant around attracting a lot of interest from players everywhere. Some of the tourneys have a re-buy option and others don’t, so check out the details and decide what suits you. Register a new account today with Bwin Poker using our link below and you will get a great welcome package including a bonus of up to €500.

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Outstanding Selection of Games at Winner Poker

Winner Poker has introduced a host of excellent promos into the card room and several are interlinked with Winner Casino games which can be played directly from the poker lobby and funded from your Winner poker account directly. An exciting list of side games is available when you click on the casino games tab in the poker lobby and the fantastic offer is that if you happen to lose any money through wagering on those casino games you will get a 10% refund of what you originally wagered paid back into your poker account as a bonus. You can get back up to $500 so it is a substantial compensation for a bad beat!

Give Omaha a Try At Winner Poker

Winner is an innovative poker room with a good selection of poker variants on offer that have been chosen for the card room based on customer preferences. Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, 5 Card Stud and 7 Card Stud are all gaves that are exciting and in high demand amongst poker players from all over the world. Omaha has increased in popularity as players can use skill and strategic calculation to increase the winning probability. The games tend to last longer and more players tend to see the flop than with Texas Hold’em with more money being wagered during each hand.

Texas Hold’em still remains the most common poker game especially online and the large majority of tournaments are still in this format that is favored by most participants. Winner Poker has a superb range of tournaments on offer with generous guaranteed prizepools as it operates on the iPoker network which is the biggest online network in existence. Register a new account today with Winner Poker using our link below and you will get a fabulous welcome bonus of up to $2,000.

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