Check out the Royal Flush Bonanza at Bet Victor Poker

Getting a Royal Flush in a Texas Hold’em ring game at Bet Victor Poker is an event to be celebrated and rewarded with a cash prize of up to €1,000. If more than 3 players were dealt into that winning hand and both hole cards were included in that marvelous hand which brought about the showdown, then you can apply to the customer support team at Bet Victor Poker with proof of your success. The details will be verified and you will receive 50 times the size of the small blind that you used to make your Royal Flush in a bonus prize which is aptly referred to as “The Royal Flush Fortune Promotion”.

Bad Beats are Rewarded Too!

If you thought that it’s always the winners who get additional rewards for their good luck then look again at Bet Victor Poker promos because the player who loses with Aces filled with Kings or even better than that in a Texas Hold’em cash ring game gets 100 times the small blind making it a truly amazing loss! There is nothing bitter in this losing pill and you will find yourself wishing for the right set of cards to win the “Bad Beat Bonanza”. Your losing hand must contain both hole cards and three players at least must have been dealt into the hand upon which you base your claim.

Remember that you need to justify your claim with proof to the customer support team so keep a cool head when preparing that claim! You can get a maximum cash bonus of up to €1,500, making this promo an incredibly lucrative and gratifying action on the part of Bet Victor Poker who understands perfectly the disappointment of a bad beat. Register a new account today at Bet Victor Poker using our link below and you will be sure to get your welcome bonus of up to €1,000.

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September 23, 2012 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.