Horse Racing: Capturing Every Breathtaking Moment

For horse racing enthusiasts and admirers, as one season comes closer to an end, another begins with opportunities to place in stakes and hopefully get lucky and win big.

Horse racing has become a lucrative sport for participants and spectators alike, and an exciting one in that especially whilst waiting for that moment in which the fastest horse gets to the finish line first.

Over the years, spectators have traveled far and wide to experience live horse-racing at popular spots and platforms.

This article takes a look at some of the best horse racing events in 2019, giving aficionados and budding entrants the opportunity to stay informed about the upcoming horse racing calendar.

Dubai World Cup

The Dubai World Cup, since its inception, has become one of the greatest horse racing platforms at which several of the current, most formidable racehorses from around the world converge to compete for a grand prize of over $10 million.

Interestingly, the Dubai World Cup coincides with the Dubai World Cup Carnival in Meydan, which is the testing ground for riders to compete with the best.

Spectators – whether Dubai residents or foreign guests – can expect to have a thrilling time as horses are in peak condition to compete in one of the most keenly anticipated horse racing festivals of the year. Whilst the horse racing season will initially kick off in November, schedules will run through to March 2019.

Moreover, Dubai has grown to become one of the largest economic centers in the world, attracting foreigners from across the globe. This visibility on the world stage means that the Dubai World Cup expects to attract in excess of 30,000 spectators.

Cheltenham Gold Cup

With over £4.5 million in cash prizes to be won, the Cheltenham racecourse attracts different horse racers and participants worldwide. In order to keep racers and spectators informed, the racecourse will begin activities on the first week of January.

Some racing trials will be held in February, with the hope of getting racers prepared for this spectacular live showcase which will include some of the finest horses in action.

Oaklawn Racing and Gaming

In the United States, Oaklawn Racing and Gaming provides a great opportunity for racers to compete on racecourses at different grades. These grades are 1, 2, 3 and non-grades stakes. All of these races have different prizes which will be awarded to the top performers.

Moreover, Oaklawn tends to be one of the busiest venues, where the strength and agility of competing horses and their riders are put to the test.

The Grade 1 racecourse will garner a $1 million prize, whilst the winner on the Grade 2 course will go home with $900,000. The winner for Grade 3 will get $500,000, whilst the non-graded stakes will vary.

Additional sideline activities will include checking the condition of horses for qualification in the different categories, measuring the distance that will be covered by horses, and a display of the trophies that will be claimed by the eventual winners.

Both owners and jockeys alike will be keen to use these events as a display of their hard work and to introduce new entrants to a high profile audience.

As a start to the year these three world-renowned events are the perfect way for equine connoisseurs to whet their appetite for the year ahead.

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