PokerStars is Now Offering a Fabulous New Mobile Service

Whatever your internet enabled mobile device happens to be you can now download the mobile app for your device from Pokerstars and enjoy a fantastic summer season on the beach or wherever you go for your holidays playing poker in total security. If you have to work or you live in that hemisphere where it’s mid- winter then you have great commutes to work or college ahead of you and loads of fun lined up where normally it is boring and tedious.

In order to download the mobile software you need to register a new account at PokerStars and we simplify the procedure for you by offering a fast link below. Once your new PokerStars account is up and running and you have made your initial deposit you can choose the app which is suited to your phone or iPad and download the software in a matter of a few minutes. It is important to note that you cannot deposit and withdraw from your money account using the mobile app in order to protect you at all times. Go to your PC or MAC to do the finances ensuring that nothing can go wrong and ensuring that you keep a good overview on your bankroll.

Try the Fantastic New Game of Zoom Poker

The brand new poker game of “Zoom” is available on the mobile app and presents itself as the most exciting and fun game ever to hit the poker community. This fast action gaming format lends itself perfectly for mobile play and is sure to become a new craze in the summer heat! Zoom is played with a pool of poker players rather than at fixed tables so you can fold and move on at top speed if your initial hand doesn’t please you. Check out Zoom poker and the mobile app at PokerStars today by registering a new account using our link and you will be sure of receiving a great bonus of up to $600 for new players.

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May 10, 2013 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.